This is what I look like

photo by Jordan Petty

photo by Jordan Petty


I’ve never been good at making music (besides that one time I sang in my 5th grade talent show). Thankfully, I found another way to contribute to the music industry by documenting it.

It started when my stepbrother asked me to photograph his band’s show when we were in high school. I had no idea what I was doing and I did a really bad job.

That was 4 years ago so I’m much better now I hope.

I don’t see myself working in anything other than music so I’m really just trying to become a Swiss Army Knife of sorts in the industry. I’m down to learn anything.

This is a little bit about me


This is what I can do

  • take your photo

  • make you a video

  • 3D photos (check my videos tab for some of these)

  • show posters

  • social media managing

  • show announcement videos

  • tour


This is where I am 

I’m based in Tampa, but I’ll gladly go anywhere between here and Orlando.

Also available for tour (contact for availability)