2018 Top 7 Shots

These are my favorite photos that I took in 2018. They are in no particular order. I wrote a little bit down below this about why each one made this list.


I almost did not even photograph this show. I do this thing where I bring my camera to shows that I’m going to and have it in my car ~just in case~. When we got to the venue, some of the guys in Foxing were standing outside and I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask for a photo pass. Thankfully, Eric remembered me from when I took some portraits of them like 2 years prior and agreed to get me in with my camera. I love music photography because of the moments I get to capture and I think crowd interaction shots are some of the best. I know how much Foxing’s music means to me and others and I think this photo is a good visualization of that feeling. The best part about this photo is that I have no idea who the guy in it is. That usually happens with good crowd shots. However, what does not usually happen is that they find the photo somehow. I have no idea how, but the guy in this photo found my page and the shot and was absolutely ecstatic about it.


Tiny Moving Parts

I’ve mentioned before how much I love crowd interaction shots. You can't get more interactive with a crowd than having them carry you while you play guitar. Crowbar is a pretty dark venue that I have shot a ton of shows in. As much as I love it, I have lost a lot of shots due to the lighting, or lack thereof. It took me a while, but I managed to save this one in post. The energy in it, along with how much work I put into it, has made it one of my favorites.



HUNNY shows are some of my favorites to go to. I met the guys about 2 ½ years ago and have photographed all of their Florida shows since. They have such a dedicated fan base and their shows are always such a blast to be at and take photos of. I was pretty disappointed with the shots I was getting at their show in Tampa this past March and was having a hard time editing them (I also got the flu right after their shows so I was incredibly sick while trying to edit). It wasn't until I got a lot of positive feedback on this shot that it really started to grow on me. Hearing such nice things about it from their fans really made me appreciate it.


Glass House Point

This isn’t really one of the best photos I’ve taken to be honest. It’s on the list because I did something I don't usually do to get it. I’ve always been hesitant about being on stage while shooting. I hate being seen and do my best to remain hidden. It’s hard to do that right next to the drum kit so I usually don’t really get great photos of Jansen. I decided last minute during the last song to run next to Jansen and crouch down. Even though the shot isn’t really that great, it reminds me that I need to get creative with spots in order to get different shots.


The Wonder Years

I had photographed Tiny Moving Parts (support on this tour) a few months prior to this show. I sent an email about taking some photos for them again pretty last minute. I had never really listened to The Wonder Years before going to this show but I had a great time shooting them nonetheless. The light show was done by David Summers and if you know any light directors, you probably know him. Some of the best photos I have ever taken are of shows that he has done the lighting for (another on this list actually, Foxing). There were a handful of shots from this show that I was actually really proud of but the isolation and negative space in this one make it stand out to me. I really started paying attention to light and stage design at shows following this one.


Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Rainbow Kitten Surprise has been one of my favorite bands for some time now (pretty much since I started listening to them). I first got to see and photograph them when I was approved to photograph Hangout Festival in May 2017. They announced a US tour later that year that unfortunately had no Florida dates on it. I decided to apply for a photo pass for their show in Atlanta (about a 6-7 hour drive away from me). I did not really think I would be approved. Then I was. I planned a last minute trip with my mom to Atlanta for a weekend so I could photograph the show. There was no photo pit at the show so I had wiggle through the sold-out crowd to get anywhere in the venue. Even though it was a bit of a struggle, I’m glad there wasn’t a barricade because if there had been, I wouldn't have been able to the crowd in shots like I did here.


Laundromat in London

On one of my last days in London, I grabbed my film camera and went for a walk in the city by myself. I just walked aimlessly for a few hours and took photos of anything that caught my eye. I passed this laundromat and walked a bit while trying to decide if I should go back to take a photo. I’ve always been a bit hesitant about taking photos of strangers as I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. I decided I’d run back to take a quick photo. I wound the film as I walked back and stopped in the doorway for a split second to snap the photo and then kept walking. I got the roll developed once I returned home from England and as soon as I saw this shot, it became one of my favorites I’ve ever taken.

Amanda Laferriere