4 Years

I was really into landscape photography when I was 15. By that I mean I took really bad photos of sunsets on the beach and of birds flying around and called myself a photographer. I hated taking photos of people. I had some weird reason for not doing so. Something along the lines of “people are never truly candid in photographs so it doesn’t feel real”. Honestly, I just didn't understand how to take photos of people (I’m still learning).

Anyways, my stepbrother, Craig, who I had met for the first time about two months prior was in a band. My best friend and I were going to one of his shows four years ago today and he asked me if I would bring my camera along to take some photos. I agreed and showed up to the backyard show with my Canon t3 in Full Auto mode, my 18-55mm f/3.5 kit lens, and absolutely no idea what I was doing. I don’t care if it sounds cheesy, I fell in love with music photography that night. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the benefit of online photo sharing services and delivered the photos via flash drive. I only have a really low qual screenshot of ONE of the photos from that night. I have no clue where the rest are.


I shot for Life on Jupiter for a little over a year and then they broke up. I was convinced my music photography career was over. Then I got my first photo pass two months after they broke up. Then Glass House Point hired me two months after that photo pass and now here I am. Four years later. I’ve learned how to shoot in modes other than Auto (yikes), how to edit, how to actually move around and take photos at a show, and have surprised myself with what I’m actually capable of. If you told me then that I’d get to photograph festivals, and shows at my favorite venues, and work with some of my favorite artists, and even go on tour, I most definitely would not have believed you.

Going back to that learning how to edit bit, I didn’t start editing photos until late 2016. I’ve always been curious as to how Life on Jupiter photos would have turned out if I edited my work then. I edited a few today to see (these were all shot as jpg don’t yell at me).

I see photography as a constant learning process. There is no top tier to reach. As an art, it’s entirely subjective. I’m proud of the progress I have made thus far and am beyond excited to see where I am a year from today.

Amanda Laferriere