It's not the camera. It's the photographer.


The Front Bottoms announced a tour a few months back, which unfortunately had no Florida dates on it. Immediately after the announcement, my two best friends and I started discussing which city we would be road tripping to. We ended up picking the Asheville, NC date and made the 10-hour drive from home this past weekend. The last time we all saw The Front Bottoms, I was covering the show for a magazine I shoot for. I usually request photo passes for shows that I would be attending anyway. Because of that, I never end up really being in the crowd. I debated requesting a photo pass for this show as well but ultimately decided against it so that I’d really be able to enjoy the set. That was probably the best decision I could have made.

About halfway through the show, I got to thinking about Jonathan Mazaltov and the incredible work that he has produced with just his phone. Jonathan frequently posts images that he has captured on his phone with reminders to not forget about the camera in your pocket.  He has inspired me to be more creative with what I am producing and to not let my lack of a photo pass and camera deter me from creating something that I am proud of. I pulled out my phone and took a few photos to try and edit once I got home. I ended up with one photo that I thought I could do something with. 



Encountering photographers with nicer equipment than mine has always been somewhat intimidating for me. Even if I've never seen their work, the idea that "Their work must be amazing because they have this or that" still lingers. A piece of advice passed down from my grandfather is that “it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.” Pushing myself to create more with limited resources has only reinforced this idea in my mind. As mentioned previously, deciding against covering the show was definitely the right decision. Not only did it allow me to enjoy the full show with my friends, it gave me an opportunity to surprise myself with what I was capable of. 

Amanda Laferriere